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Police Academy Kongsvinger Norway


"We are very pleased with our cannonball. Both dog trainers and instructors report that they are exceedingly satisfied with the device"

Positive elements:

*The dog's understanding and intensity has become much better.

*The dog's focus on the object has become better and more sharpened. As

   As a consequence, the guarding of the "prey" / object has been improved.

*Dog trainers' ability to reward true behavior is significant



Per Arne Sødal

Professional responsible

Police dog service Kongsvinger Norway

Danminar A/S explosives & drug dogs

"During the training of especially mine and explosives, it is very important that the dogs learn a "passive" mark. That is, when the dog has found a mine or a bomb, it just has to sit down or lay down. It must not touch the "object" nor give a throat, but simply quietly (passively) tell that there is a mine or bomb"

The Cannonball meets the special requirements / needs we have:

*Since we want a "star mark", that is, a mark where

   The dog is sitting or lying and very intense distracts the subject, so it is

   It is necessary for the dog during the training to believe that the reward comes from

   mine or bomb.

*The Cannonball is easy to operate. It does not quite matter what

   whether it is on the ground or on a shelf or the like.

*For outdoor use to the Cannonball it is easy to camouflage with a little

   grass, foliage or the like.


Preben Sørensener

Chief Instructor Danminar A/S Danminar A/S

Holstebro Police, police dog department

"For many years, I have missed an effective way to reward the dog at a distance, in connection with the culling of dead objects. Most "ball cannons" I have seen so far have been some suspended devices that have "lumpy" the ball beyond the head of the dog, there is not much stimulus in it."


The advantage of the Cannonball:

*It shoots the ball, whether it's on the ground or is

   suspended so that it efficiently stimulates the dogs


*You can reward the dog on a distance, while it still are focus 100% on the object.

*The Cannonball has proven effective on all our dogs.


Jørgen Tanderup

Dog handler Holstebro

Heidi & Leicka

"The Cannonball is a great idea. I've been very pleased to work with my dog Leicka and use the ball machine for the detection of objects, for example.By placing the Cannonball in an open bag on the ground. The ball machine is versatile to use as it can also be hung in a tree or covered by a jacket with a cut in. It's a big advantage to use the Cannonball as a reward. There are many possibilities, and only the imagination sets the limits"


Yours sincerely


Heidi & Leika

Bille Ruwald

"I've had a "Cannonball" for testing. There is a good Danish product with well-chosen materials. By my testing, I found no evidence that the Cannonball could in any way hurt a dog. The material is hard and can not be damaged. The power of the ball is appropriate and I found no evidence that this could hurt a dog. For those who learn to use Cannonball I think it can be a really good aid in everyday life"



Bille Ruwald